Granny's visit to USA

USA,the dreamland for every educated in India
landing on such a country was an honour for Granny
everything looked so different
beautiful roads with greenary all around
wooden houses look so cute with well planned yardst
snowfalls & minus temperatures,
apple trees on the roads,no one picks them or steals!!!
smoke detectors & house alarms
bathrooms r called rest rooms
no buckets , no mugs
use shower and the tissues?
swithches & the locks work ulta
no milk man to wake u up in the morning
gas in tubeS!!!!!!can never imagine!!!!
call 911 for any crisis,service is instantaneous
every thing looks so comfortable
but for granny there is void
as nobody walks on the roads
no neibhour to chit chat with
no regional channel unless u have a dish
she missesthe crowds on the roads
shopping on her own
sun drying of her sarees
no gossip,life looks so empty on this beautiful world
she wants to get back to where she belongs
even if the roads r dirty
even if the people r poor
even if they steal guavas from her back yard
the land is so adorableshe loves to be in her Motherland!!!

అందమైన అనుభవం

అమెరికా వచ్చిన బామ్మ గా ఎన్నో అనుభవాలు.అందరితో పంచుకోవాలని ఆశ. ౬౦ ఏళ్ళ వయసులో ఒ అందమైన అనుభవం నమ్మశక్యం కావటం లేదు.

Naa modaTi blaagu

నా మొదటి బ్లాగు

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